Хоррокс - Cod

        Cod (official scientific name Gadus morhua) belongs to the family of cod fish. The size of the specimen reaches two meters, but the catch is mainly carried out by individuals measuring 50-80 centimeters. Depending on the habitat, cod is divided into geographical species.

        The color of the cod is predominantly of dark tones: from olive to brown. On the back there are small spots. The belly of all individuals is white. The cod's diet includes mainly crustaceans, small fish (capelin, herring fry). Spawning takes place in the spring at a depth of about 100 meters.

        Cod flesh is white, dense in structure. Due to a large number of useful substances, cod meat is recommended to be consumed on an ongoing basis. Low caloric content allows you to consume fish meat to pregnant women and children. It is used as a preventive measure of joint diseases, arthrosis. The liver is used to produce fish oil.



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