Хоррокс - Terpug

        Terpug (the official name of the family Hexagrammidae) is the representative of the family of Teruguga. There are a large number of subspecies of fish: brown, harehead, spotted, brogue and others. In this case, each individual subspecies has its own set of morphological features. Terpug is spawning in running water in the winter season. Dimensions of the terpuga reach an average of 1 meter, weight about 2 kilograms.

        Terpug is easy to distinguish from other types of fish - it is slightly flattened from the sides, has large dark and light strips. The number of bands on the sides of the individual depends on the subspecies of the terpug.

        The meat of the trout is distinguished by its special taste qualities. Almost always white, but has a yellow or green tinge. A great plus of terpunga is the absence of small bones, as well as ease of processing. Meat can be cooked by heat treatment, but hot smoking is particularly popular. Terpug is recommended for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, as well as for the regulation of cholesterol.



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