Хоррокс - Herring

        Herring (the official name of Clupea) is a valuable commercial fish belonging to the herring family. Allocate Pacific and Atlantic herring, depending on the geography of the habitat. In length, the herring can reach about half a meter, the average weight of about 0.5 kilograms. Spawning occurs throughout the year. During the spawning period, the fish combine into huge flocks, some of which even break out of the water. The diet includes various crustaceans, but in the stomachs of individual individuals fry of other fish are found.

        Herring has a bright silvery color, slightly darkened in the back. On the sides the body is in a compressed state, the abdomen with a jagged edge. Scales of herring are large, very rarely shallow. Dwells mainly in seawater, but some species partially enter fresh water.

        Meat of herring has a pleasant taste. It is suitable for both cooking with heat treatment and for smoking. In Russia, the most popular is salted herring, from which a large number of other products are produced. Herring meat is very useful - it helps with psoriasis, ensures normal functioning of the brain, improves eyesight. It is recommended as a prophylactic for asthma, it increases the content of high-density lipoproteins in the body.



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