Хоррокс - Red salmon

        Red salmon (the official scientific name of Oncorhynchus nerka) is a representative of the family of salmonids and refers to the species of luciform fish. In size among the salmon is a small fish - the length reaches up to 75 cm, weight about 1.5-3 kg. In Russia, sockeye salmon lives near Kamchatka and is less common in Sakhalin. Red salmon differs from other salmonids in that spawning occurs in lakes and exactly where the keys are released. Developed homing allows spawning in the place where the fish was born. The spawning period is from April to the end of November. A high number of fry appears in August.

        Red salmon has a silver color, therefore, it is often confused with female pink salmon. But in fresh water the fish gets a bright scarlet color, and the head becomes dark green. Therefore, its second name is red or just red. After entering the lake, the fish begins to slowly die as a result of the processes occurring in the body.

        In the diet of red salmon salmon there are small plankton - the crustaceans of calanidae. When feeding, pigment pigments enter the body of fish, as a result of which the red salmon meat becomes a pronounced red hue. High density of red salmon meat allows using it for smoking on a large scale. In connection with the presence of toxic toxin in sockeye salmon, it is very important to properly prepare it, to observe the necessary terms and conditions for freezing.



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