Хоррокс - Navaga

        Navaga (the official name of Eleginus gracilis) belongs to the family of cod fish, it has a different name - vahnya. Navaga lives in the waters that wash the eastern part of Russia. Depending on the geographic location of the areola, the Northern Navaga and the Far East are allocated. The length of navaga is on average about half a meter, weighing about 0.5-0.7 kg. Navaga is a bottom fish, but during spawning it emerges to a depth of 50-60 cm. Spawning takes place in winter - from December to the end of February. Ice fishing of Navaga is mainly carried out in December, as larger specimens are suitable for spawning. Can live in fresh water.

        Navaga has a light silvery color, a back of a darker color. On the back are 3 fins. The diet of Navaga includes small crustaceans, eggs and fry. Due to the large-scale catch of Navaga, it has acquired the status of one of the cheapest fish. At the same time, this does not in any way characterize the taste qualities of fish.

        Meat of Navaga is very similar to cod meat or pollock, but more juicy and tender. Due to the fact that Navaga is a marine fish, the possibility of parasite infestation is excluded. Therefore, it can be used not only after heat treatment, but also to salt, dry, smoke. Meat savagely dietary, so it is suitable for pregnant women and children in the early years of life. With constant use, the meat of navaga improves digestion and ensures the normal functioning of the brain



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