Хоррокс - Pollock

        Pollock (the official scientific name of Theragra chalcogramma) is a cold-loving fish and belongs to the cod family. The size of the individual reaches 90 cm, weight about 4 kg. Alaska pollock is found at a depth of about 250 meters, but migrates down to 700 meters during migration. It lives in Kamchatka, Primorsky Krai and Sakhalin. Spawning takes place at different times, depending on the habitat: in spring or in summer. The scale of pollock production is enormous, which allows us to export fish to almost all countries of the world.

        Pollock is distinguished by the fact that there are 3 fins on the back, and also that the pelvic fins are located above the pectoral fins. Has a bright light color with a predominance of gray hue, a large number of dark spots. In the diet of pollock include crustaceans, and more adults eat mainly fry and squid, recorded the case of cannibalism.

        The pollock meat is a dietary product containing a large number of nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended to pregnant women, as well as children at a young age. Meat is prepared by heat treatment, smoking and drying, and is also a raw material for the production of surimi.



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