Хоррокс - Smelt

        Smelt (officially called Osmerus) belongs to the family of smeltfish. There are several species of fish: the genus of smelt, which is divided into Asian, European and Karlikov, small-smelt smelt, and also the family of argentine. Each separate species differs in its external features. Spawning begins in the spring after the ice drift in the rivers and streams, while not moving away from the sea. In size, it does not exceed 15-20 cm, weight up to 0.5 kg.

        The appearance of smelt has a delicate scales that can fall off. The back has a brownish green hue, the abdomen and sides are light-silvery. Smelt is a predatory fish, therefore in its diet other than crustaceans include fry of other fish. After catching from the water, smelt for a few more hours can get oxygen, thanks to small pouches near the gills. Smelt can be diluted in any pond, since it does not require special conditions.

        Smelt meat is tender, does not contain large bones. Therefore, use it mostly along with bones. A popular way of cooking is roasting in breading or baking. An interesting feature of smelt is its meat does not smell of fish, but smells like cucumber. Therefore, among fishermen it is often called a sea vegetable.



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