Хоррокс - Coho salmon

        Coho salmon (official scientific name Oncorhynchus kisutch) belongs to the family of salmonids, anadromous species of fish. In Russia coho lives near the shores of Kamchatka and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, sometimes it can be found near Chukotka. In comparison with individuals living near the shores of North America, the Russian coho is large in size: the length of the individual can reach one meter, weight up to 14-16 kg. Fish are conventionally divided into species, depending on the spawning period: winter (spawning period December-February), summer (September-October) and autumn (November-December). Coho is recognized as a predatory fish, as its diet includes insects, eggs and small fish. After the spawning period, all the individuals die.

        Coho salmon is easy to distinguish from other representatives of salmon, primarily on a silvery color, almost white. That is why in America it is called silver. During spawning, both males and females acquire a brown crimson color.

        Industrial farming coho is almost not produced, and in the reservoirs it is not so much. Therefore, she is an expensive fish. The value of meat gives and different from other types of salmon taste, endowed with exquisite notes. Therefore, coho salmon is very widely used for pickling or smoking.

        Thanks to a large number of useful properties, coho salmon is very useful for the human body. In particular, it is used in diets. A small amount of small bones makes coho salmon a wonderful food for children.



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