Хоррокс - Yellowfin flounder

        Yellowfin flounder (officially called Limanda aspera) belongs to the family of flounder fish. The body size of the individual reaches 48-50 centimeters, the mass of about one kilogram. The habitat covers the coasts of Korea and North America, in Russia the fish is concentrated to a greater extent in the Kamchatka Territory. The diet of plaice is plankton, mollusks, and also fry.

        The carcase of flatfish has a flat oval shape, narrowed to the head. The eyes are on the outer (darkened) side. The lower part of the body is of a light shade. Its name was given for the characteristic fins of yellow shade, located on the sides. We live near the banks, it refers to the bottom type of fish.

        Meat yellowfin flounder white with dark segments. It has high density, delicate and juicy. When heat treated, a unique specific smell appears. It's easy to get rid of - just remove the skin. It is a low-calorie fish, rich in useful elements. It is recommended for diseases of bones and teeth.



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