Хоррокс - White-bellied flounder

        The white-bellied flounder has two varieties: northern and southern (officially named Lepidopsetta bilineata bilineata and Lepidopsetta bilineata mochigarei, respectively) representative of flatfish. The average size of the individual reaches 40 centimeters, weighing up to 1 kilogram. In Russia, the catch and processing of a short-flared flounder is less than 21 centimeters is prohibited. Lives predominantly in the Kamchatka Territory, as well as near the shores of North America, Korea and Japan. Flounder feeds mainly on plankton, mollusks, and also small fish. Spawning takes place in the sea waters, as the flounder does not live in fresh water.

        The main difference of the flounder is in the form of a lateral line, which has the shape of an arc near the head, as well as a separate branch that goes both to the head and back. The bottom of the flounder is white, which is the reason for this name. The top part is dark, to give a presentation is removed during processing.

        The meat of flounder is particularly tender, has a grayish tinge. In connection with a large number of nutrients, it is recommended for use by pregnant women and children in the first years of life. Suitable for the prevention of diseases of teeth and bones. It is used during the recovery period after operations.



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