Хоррокс - Chinook salmon

        Chinook salmon (official scientific name Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) is the largest among the family of salmonids. Its average size reaches 1 meter, and in the Kamchatka Territory there are individuals of 180-200 centimeters. The maximum recorded weight of the chinook was 61.2 kg. In America the Chinook salmon was called the royal salmon. The habitat extends to the waters of North America, as well as the Kamchatka Territory. But as a result of mass poaching, the catch of Chinook salmon is on an industrial scale limited, which makes it quite expensive fish. Spawning of Chinook salmon takes place in the rivers in the summer (June-August).

        The appearance of the Chinook salmon is very different from other members of the family. The carcass has a torpedo shape, the head is large enough. In sea water the fish has a darker shade, the green color predominates, but the sides and the belly are silvery in color. During spawning, the Chinook salmon changes color to dark brown, and the color tone of the back becomes almost black.

        The diet of fish varies depending on the habitat. In the rivers with spawning, the Chinook salmon feeds on fry, and also on insects. In the sea, the choice falls on plankton and squid. Chinook salmon meat has an exquisite taste with bright spicy notes. Suitable for both heat treatment, and for drying and smoking.



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