Хоррокс - Chum salmon

        Chum salmon (official scientific name Oncorhynchus keta) refers to the species of anadromous (salmon). The habitat of chum salmon in comparison with other salmonids is quite wide, large volumes of fish on Sakhalin, Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands. Spawning of chum salmon passes after maturation only once, after which it dies. The spawning begins in the autumn and lasts until the beginning of December. Keta lives in the seas, but migrates to rivers during the spawning period.

        In water, the chum salmon has a silvery color with a blue tinge. Migrating to the river water, the fish acquires purple spots in the form of bands that are located near the tail. The diet of chum salmon consists of crustaceans, mollusks and small fish. In adulthood, the chum completely switches to feeding with plankton.

        Keta is recognized as a valuable fish, therefore cases of mass poaching are common. Officially, the annual catch of chum salmon in Russia is much less, in comparison with pink salmon. Its meat has a bright pink color, as well as an increased fat content, which gives a greater value to the fish.

        Meat of chum salmon has a special taste and aesthetic appearance that allows using it for smoking and salting.



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