Хоррокс - Pink salmon

        The pink salmon (official scientific name Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) belongs to the family of salmonids and is a vivid representative of anadromous fish. Its name was given to the fish for a characteristic hump on the back, which develops in males during migration. The pink salmon spawning period begins in June, when it enters the rivers, and ends in mid-October. After spawning, pink salmon dies.

        Usually, pink salmon has a light blue color, but when spawning its lower part brightens, acquiring a yellowish tinge, and the back begins to turn pale. It feeds on fish mainly plankton, but the diet of more adults includes small fish. Pink salmon males have a more vivid color, as well as an increased fat content in meat.

        In Russia, pink salmon is produced on a huge scale, mainly in the industrial sector. To catch pink salmon in many regions of Russia requires a special license. Meat of pink salmon is used in the preparation of fish soups, baking, frying, canning, smoking.



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