Хоррокс - Trumpeter

        Trumpeter (the official scientific name of the family Buccinidae) is a marine mollusk that lives on the bottom of the Baltic, Barents and White seas. The mollusc lives in shells, the sizes of which on the average can reach about 25-30 centimeters. There are separate species, several millimeters in size. The weight of the mollusc itself (without a shell) averages about 25-30 grams. The trumpeter shell in most cases has an elongated shape, narrowed at the edges. Most often, the shell represents a spiral of light and brown hues, very rarely very dark. In the diet of the trumpeters are bivalve mollusks, carrion, echinoderms.

        The trumpeters received their name because of the use of shells in antiquity as signals. In addition, the shells are very often used to create jewelry, even small lamps. The meat of the mollusc is delicious, tender and rich in flavor. Despite the fact that the trumpeter's meat is very nutritious, it is recognized as a low-calorie. The meat of the shellfish is not only very tasty, but also has a lot of useful properties. Perfect for feeding children in the first years of life and pregnant women. It has restorative and restorative properties. Regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood.



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