Хоррокс - Octopus

        Octopus (official scientific name Octōpoda), probably the most famous representatives of cephalopods. The trunk of an octopus in the form of a bag, the back part (head) has an oval shape. From the head there are eight limbs, each of which has several thousand suckers. An interesting feature of the octopus - they have three hearts. The absence of bones allows octopuses to change their shape if desired. Depending on the species, the octopus reaches a size of several centimeters, and 4-5 meters. The weight of an octopus can reach 50 kilograms. They live in almost all the seas and oceans, prefer to settle in the rocks. The diet includes both simple shellfish and small fish.

        Meat of octopus is used in national cuisines of many countries and peoples. The structure of the product is slightly harsh, but it has unique taste characteristics. Variants of use are different: starting from heat treatment and smoking, ending with the use in a living form. Meat octopus is rich in useful substances. The use of meat is recommended in the presence of cardiovascular diseases, in the postoperative recovery period. In addition, it ensures the normal functioning of the brain and has a general strengthening effect.



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