Хоррокс - Cucumaria

        Cucumaria (the official scientific name of Cucumaria) represents the class of holothurians (echinoderms). Cucumaria in Russia has a second name - sea cucumber. The average size of carcasses can reach a length of about 45-50 cm, carcass weight up to 1.1 kg. Kukumaria is found in the seas washing the eastern part of Russia. Spawning of Cucumaria takes place in two stages: in May and in the middle of summer.

        The body of the cucumber has an elongated shape, similar to a cucumber. Thick, the back part has a rounding. An interesting fact is that in the water the cucumber is in an elongated state, but when it is caught the body decreases and resembles a small ball. Color of dark color: gray or purple. The abdomen is light, with a large number of legs. It feeds on the cucumber mainly slices of silt.

        Meat of cucumber has its own unique taste, which distinguishes it from other seafood. Its use is widespread in Asian cuisine. Used in dried, smoked or thermally processed form. Contains a large number of useful substances. It is a preventive agent for thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus. It has a restorative and restoring effect.



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