Хоррокс - Shrimp angular

        The angular shrimp is a mollusc and belongs to a group of decapods. Its name is due to the peculiarity of finding the tail - it forms an angle with respect to the body line. The sizes of these shrimps directly depend on age. So, for the period of life the shrimp grows from 30-40 millimeters to 1-1.5 centimeters. Despite this, the weight of the shrimp is only 10-15 grams. Shrimp angular tails have a pink hue, sometimes with a red tint. The peculiarity of shrimps is that over the entire period of their life they change their sex. Strangely enough, but shrimp are real predators. Their diet is in most of the plankton.

        Shrimp are distinguished by special taste qualities of meat. Basically, all shrimp meat is concentrated in the tail part. Meat is white, can have pink pigments. The taste is pronounced, has delicate, tender notes. Meat is dense, but tender. Shrimp is a dietary product, therefore suitable for people of all ages. In addition, shrimps have a number of medicinal properties, thanks to a large number of nutrients and vitamins. Shrimp are recommended for cardiovascular diseases.



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