Хоррокс - Northern Shrimp

        Northern shrimp (the official name of Pandalus borealis) are marine arthropods, which live mainly in cold ocean waters. They are also known as pink or deep-sea shrimps. Distributed in the marine waters of the Far East of Russia. The popularity of these arthropods was acquired not so long ago, primarily because of their small size. Northern prawns reach in the form of a male only 1-2 centimeters in length, with a weight of several tens of grams. These shrimps are interesting because in the period of their life they can change sex. Warm water negatively affects the growth and development of shrimp.

        Despite their small size, northern shrimps have a unique taste. Their meat is white, concentrated in the tail part of the body. The meat is tender and juicy. Due to the fact that in northern shrimps meat is concentrated in a small amount, its taste is strongly pronounced. Shrimp meat is low-calorie, therefore, it is highly valued among people who adhere to the diet, and also suitable for children and pregnant women. Northern shrimps are very easy to prepare - just pour boiling water for a few seconds, as the meat becomes tough during cooking.



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