Хоррокс - Opilio crab

        Crab strigun (the official scientific name Chionoecetes opilio) lives in the waters of the Atlantic, in the Far East of Russia. It lives on the bottom, at a depth of several tens to several thousand meters. The width of the crab of the snow crab can reach an average of 17-18 centimeters, while the range of limbs is about one meter. The females of this species of crabs are about half as large as males. On average, the weight of one adult crab reaches 0.8-1 kg. The crab's shell has a reddish hue, with the abdominal part light. Before molting begins (January-February) they become practically green. The diet includes both small animals and algae.

        The meat of the snow crab crab is white, it has a special tenderness and rich taste. It is widely appreciated because of the high protein content with a significant low level of fat. The size and quantity of meat is less than the king crab. The meat of the snow crab crab is a delicacy, and also contains a large amount of nutrients. It is recommended for general strengthening of the body, recovery after surgery. Consumption of crab meat contributes to the normalization of cholesterol in the blood, improves well-being.



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