Хоррокс - King (Kamchatka) crab

        King crab (the official scientific name Paralithodes camtschaticus) is a hermit crab. It is the largest crab inhabiting the Far East. The average size of the shell of the crab can reach a width of about 25 centimeters, the range of limbs to half a meter, and the average weight is 5-7 kilograms. In connection with the fact that the King crab leads a nomadic life, the ripening of the offspring occurs during the migration period for the wintering season.

        The body of the king crab has a slightly flattened shape, in the form of a circle. On the sides are five pairs of limbs, which distinguishes it from ordinary crabs. The limbs are used for movement, food and feeding. The upper part of the crab has a dark brown color, the lower one is light. The shell is very strong, protects the body from damage.

        The meat of the king crab is famous for its unique taste. It has a white color, mainly concentrated in the legs and claws. They also eat caviar of the king crab. His meat is recognized throughout the world as a real delicacy, thanks to its delicate and rich taste. Therefore, the King crab is the most susceptible to poaching.



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