Хоррокс - Pacific squid

        The Pacific squid (the official scientific name Todarodes pacificus) is a famous representative of decapod cephalopods. The length of this mollusk together with the tentacles reaches about 50-60 cm, the mass of the carcass averages 1 kilogram. In Russia, Pacific squid live near the shores of Sakhalin, are found in the waters of the Japanese and Yellow Seas. Spawning takes place in the first year of life, after which the squid immediately perishes. Therefore, the life time of squid is only one year.

        The Pacific squid has a fairly resilient case in the form of a torpedo. This feature allows you to achieve when moving at high speeds. The fins of the squid are not large, just under half of the mantle. On the tentacles are the suckers. The color of the squid depends on its condition. At the usual time, the squid has a brown color and a dark strip on the back, when excited, the squid acquires a red shade, and when fright appears a pale appearance.

        The meat of squid is famous not only for its useful properties, but also for its unusual taste qualities. Use both the carcass of the squid and its tentacles. Perfect for dishes with heat treatment. Particularly popular are the smoked parts of squid.



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