Хоррокс - Scallop

        The scallop (the official scientific name for the Pectinidae family) refers to mollusks that live in a shell with two flaps. Inhabits almost all seas and oceans at various depths, up to 7-8 thousand meters. It is a shell, the upper leaf of which is more elongated, dense, and the lower convex. The color tone of the shells in the scallop is varied, violet, blue, green shells are encountered, depending on the habitat. Outwardly the shell is decorated with ribs, can have scales. There are a large number of species of scallops, but not all live in Russia.

        Scallops have long been considered a delicacy. The reason for this is the unique tenderness of scallop meat, as well as exquisite palatability. Eaten in dried, fried, boiled or smoked. Meat has a light tint, the taste is juicy. Possesses a number of useful properties, including, it is recommended to use men at a decrease in sexual activity. Regulates the level of cholesterol, it has a positive effect on the nervous system of the body. Perfectly suitable for inclusion in the diet of young children and pregnant women. It has a restorative effect on the restoring effect.



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