Хоррокс - Milk

        Milk is the seminal gland of male fish. They got their name because of the beige, milky color of the product. In the content of milk there are animal proteins, which makes them especially nutritious and easily digestible. In the chemical industry, milk is used to produce protamines, which several times prolong the effect of a number of medications.

        Milk is not very popular due to psychological rejection, therefore, many when cutting fish are simply thrown out. But in many countries, milk is valued on a par with caviar, for example, in Finland. Milk has a delicate pleasant taste with small notes of bitterness.

        But the most important thing in milk is a lot of useful substances. Milk is used to treat cardiovascular diseases: they prevent the formation of thromboses. Milk is recommended to be consumed on an ongoing basis, as they are well suited to maintain immunity. Despite the large amount of medicinal properties, milk is a low-calorie food, therefore, it is suitable for recovery in the postoperative period and pregnant women.



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