Хоррокс - Cod caviar

        Cod eggs are small eggs, concentrated in yastyki. The taste of cod caviar is similar to pollock roe, but has a more pronounced delicate taste, and there is also a slight shade of bitterness. Cod caviar of a saturated beige color, after processing, it becomes slightly darker as a result of the action of salt. On the market, cod eggs come mostly as canned food.

        Cod caviar has an important feature - it does not lose useful properties and aesthetic appearance when canning and salting. The spawning takes place in the fall period. Due to the large-scale catching of cod, its caviar enters the middle price category, yielding to salmon.

        A large number of elements necessary for the health of the body, make caviar cod very useful. The proteins contained in the caviar are very quickly absorbed by the human body. Caviar is suitable for recovery after surgery, it is useful for frequent stress and fatigue. It is recommended for use by pregnant women and children in the first years of life.



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