Хоррокс - Caviar red salmon

        A delicacy among all types of caviar can be called caviar of red salmon. This is recognized for a number of reasons. Caviar of red salmon is very rare to be found on the shelves of stores. This is due to the destruction of fish in large quantities. But the main difference of caviar is its unique taste. Eggs have a truly fishy, ​​slightly bitter taste, and a pungent smell, which distinguishes it from other species. Many caviar of red salmon because of this, it seems not attractive, but connoisseurs, as well as residents of extracting regions, prefer to choose it.

        In its composition, caviar of red salmon contains a large amount of iodine, which makes it incredibly useful. From caviar of chum it is more modest in size - the diameter of eggs, in rare cases, reaches 4 mm. The color tone is not uniform, ranging from brown to light brown. The shell of the eggs is tender, therefore, when used, the effect of a small cotton is formed. The taste qualities of caviar of red salmon are pronounced, after consumption the product leaves a pleasant aftertaste. 



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