Хоррокс - Pollock caviar

        Japan is considered to be the largest consumer of caviar, with more than 85% of all caviar produced. This popularity of caviar is due to its relatively low cost, as well as exquisite taste. It is recognized as an indispensable product of Korean and Japanese cuisines.

        Pollock eggs are not large in size, usually, they are mashed potatoes. It has a beige color, sometimes with a slight orange tinge. Has a unique flavor - there is a small bitterness, which gives a piquancy to the product. The smell of caviar pollock is brightly expressed, fishy. Of particular value are large ystyks, which are used for smoking or drying.

        By the volume of useful properties and elements, pollock roe is not inferior to salmon caviar. It is recommended for everyday use for the prevention of many diseases associated with blood circulation. It tidies up the nervous system, and also strengthens the bones. It is recommended by doctors in the postoperative period. Contraindicated only to people with an allergy to seafood.



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