Хоррокс - Caviar coho salmon

        Caviar of coho salmon is very much appreciated in the European market, thanks to its exquisite taste. It stands out among the other species of caviar in the presence of a small bit of bitterness, for which gourmets prefer it. By its size, caviar of coho salmon roe is slightly smaller than pink salmon: in diameter it reaches about 2-3 millimeters. This caviar can be called truly red, because only it has a bright red color in its pristine condition.

        Due to the fact that the catch of coho salmon is much less than the same pink salmon, its caviar is slightly more expensive. But in comparison with similar species, the difference in value is not so noticeable. The main place of fishery for coho salmon is the Kamchatka region in Russia. It is from there that fresh caviar of coho salmon comes in with all the useful properties of the product preserved. Caviar is collected in summer, autumn and winter. It is recommended for use in cardiovascular diseases.



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