Хоррокс - Caviar chum salmon

        Caviar salmon, no doubt, is a universally recognized delicacy. Among the varieties of salmon roe, great importance is paid to roe chum salmon, which not only has a special refined taste and rich color tone, but also boasts a set of useful properties.

        The eggs of chum salmon serve as a source of formation in the body of erythrocytes, and also it is a regulator of sugar and cholesterol in blood cells. In the cosmetic sphere, salmon roe is also used as a means for rejuvenation, restoring lost skin cells. In order to treat heart and vascular diseases, doctors recommend eating caviar every day in small portions.

         The average size of chum salmon eggs varies from 5 to 7 millimeters - it is considered large enough in comparison with other varieties of salmon roe. The color of the eggs can be either red or orange. The extraction of this caviar takes place in summer (July-August), and also in the beginning of autumn, which is caused by two stages of fish spawning.



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