Хоррокс - Pink salmon caviar

        Pink salmon roe represents the most common type of caviar in the Russian market. This is due, first of all, to the industrial production of pink salmon on a large scale. Pink salmon roe is collected from the middle of summer to the end of October. This is due to the arrival of fish to spawn on the eastern shore of Russia. Caviar is collected within 4 hours after catching fish to preserve the quality and useful properties of the product.

        Pink salmon roe is different from other species in its color - it has a bright orange hue, in places practically transparent. The size of the eggs is about 3-5 millimeters, the eggs are dense and tender. Pink salmon roe is always grainy, so it is very rarely smoked or fried.

        Pink salmon roe has a wide range of useful properties, so it is recommended for feeding children and pregnant women. In addition, the constant use of this caviar is an excellent tool for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, stomach. Regulates the cholesterol stock in the blood cells.



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