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The company «HORROKS»  carries out wholesale deliveries of freshly frozen fish and seafood all over Russia, to the CIS countries, and also to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

The assortment of the company is: chum, pink salmon, red salmon, coho salmon, flounder, pollock, cod, trout, smelt, navaga, squid, crab, cucumber, corbicula, scallop, shrimp, caviar, etc.

We are rapidly and actively developing, with each year increasing the range and volumes of sales in the domestic and international markets. With many large fishing companies of the Far East, we are interacting and working closely.

The company «HORROKS» guarantees for its customers the highest quality of the goods, stable supplies and reliable working conditions. We are open to dialogue and are always ready to meet in person to discuss the conditions for long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation. With each client we work individually and guarantee honesty, decency and reliability!

Choose a business partner for long-term cooperation is not an easy task.

Preference should be given to a reliable company that has proved its competence and has won respect in the wholesale market for fresh-frozen fish and seafood. We value our customers!

With respect,
V.V. Sleptsova

A new customer - this is the Victory!
The client is happy and satisfied - this is a Reward!
The client recommends - this is the Treasure!
A client who has become a partner and a friend is our aim!

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